Sean McArdle is an Eisner nominated comics creator, as well as a filmmaker and a college professor at Kent State University. Over the past decade he’s worked for a diverse array of publishers, including Image Comics, IDW, Source Point Press and Arcana Studio. He is currently working with Führer and the Tramp artist Dexter Wee on a multi-generational werewolf epic entitled Wolves of Babylon, and Angel of Mons, a World War I Lovecraftian horror comic with artist Shawn Coss, as well as his long gestating personal bio-comic, Sonic Euthanasia.

When he is not creating comics, Sean enjoys spending time with his daughters, Lillie and Maegan. Aforementioned “time” typically includes inventing recipes for gourmet meals with Lillie (Cherry chipotle salmon and morel mushroom risotto were winner-winner-garlic-infused-scallop-dinners), playing board games (getting trounced by Maegan in Ticket to Ride and Betrayal at House on the Hill are typical scenarios) and getting way too invested in arts and crafts sessions with them, typically drawing and painting, but the latest music video quagmire involved building custom marionettes of the band members of Hey Monea out of clay and outfits sewn together from reclaimed Gabriel Brothers clearance clothing. Sean does not claim to be a proficient puppeteer however, and basically only made the marionettes look drunk, which is pretty on point for the people the puppets portray. (That’s a lot of alliterative Ps, which incidentally is also another frequent hobby of Sean’s.)